I pooped my pants on purpose

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May 16, 2016 · Share your travel pooping your pants and potty woes with your fellow travelers! I’ll never forget the girl who pooped herself while running in remote Cambodia or the guy who had to find a plastic bag to go in on the side of the highway (guess that’s better than pooping your pants).
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Jun 03, 2002 · I was just reading another one of the many poop threads, and contributing to it, and I thought about something. I’m committed to privacy when I defecate. This has always been an issue with me. I don’t allow friends, family, and especially my fiance, to enter the bathroom when I am using it for that purpose. I know exactly why I feel this way, too. My mother, who was an exceptionally ...
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My very first panty pooping as an adult came in my first semester away at college. I was pretty regular about going every day but at least once a week or so I would skip a day. So, when I didn't have to go that morning I thought nothing of it.
Pooping Animals 2021-2022 Wall Cal... by pimugida68310 4 0 1 Explore Pooping Animals 2021-2022 Wall Calendar PDF by Jordan Parker Made in Colors Publishers Listen to Pooping Animals 2021-2022 Wall Calendar: Hilarious and Rare Poop... Oct 20, 2013 · Pooping pants Our 5-year-old daughter has started soiling her pants every day, though she used to go in the toilet just fine. She was a late potty trainer, finally accomplishing it a few months past her 4th birthday.
The one time I almost pooped my pants on purpose: It was a hot summer day and I was 17. I was headed to the beach with my friends to scope out the babes. To get to the beach we had to drive through a state park where the speed limit drops down to 20mph. I kept cruisin at a steady 50 with the windows down and the music on when I saw the sirens ...Here’s why I ask: When one of my nanny charges was just under 3, we would find poop in her closet after nap time. Sometimes it was the whole diaper, sometimes she’d empty the contents out the side of the diaper and leave them in the closet. Her parents and I were first quite concerned- omg! She’s hoarding her POOP!
My son has been daytime potty trained for about a year now. He still has occasional accidents. He even pooped his pants the other day. I actually doubt your son did this on purpose (unless there ... But this is not the case with some kids. Some will continue pooping in their pants even after undergoing potty training. Such children will sometimes use the potty, and sometimes they decide to poop in their pants on purpose. Well, if you have a kid with this kind of behavior, you are not alone. Intentional pooping in pants happens to many ...Pooping Pants, and Other Such Things Tuesday, July 26, 2011. seesters! ... I fell in love with it. I see now that my purpose is not to have a purpose at all. That ...
Poop My Pants on Purpose by Hardin Muskie by donksongs published on 2014-08-09T05:52:35Z by Hardin Muskie (Ben Tollefson) as produced by donksongs, don't really have his permission to post this but I'll ask him soon...
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